Living with Balance or Margin? Part 1

I wish that I could write inspiring blog posts based on tried-and-true methods that worked for me. However, I’m writing from one of those low points where I can admit I dint have it all figured out. Just doing my best and thankful for God’s grace.

So, we always hear, “living a balanced life” or “just keep it all in balance.” I get this mental picture of a circle, with Christ at the center, and every other aspect of my life in equal-size pieces like pieces of a chocolate cream pie. Or lemon meringue. Anyway, pieces like marriage, children, home, ministry, work, etc. We all know what our pieces of the pie are. And I’ve always felt like I fail at getting it right because I’m either working too hard or not enough. Or putting my husband on the back burner. Or going on vacation and feeling bad that I’m not doing ministry.


Let’s talk about just how unbalanced it can get when you live and work overseas on donated financial support. When I’m in Africa, I only shop for groceries. We have unlimited babysitting 😄 and can go on dates when we want. When we get to the States, we have enough free babysitting to cover our speaking engagements, which means no dates. Plus, we have to buy enough American goods (clothes, shoes, spices, etc) to last us 2 years. So we basically spend all our time raising money and spending it. Honestly, it’s a relief to get back to Africa where we can be “normal”. Wait, that’s where I DOn’T feel normal, because I’m always different. Are you starting to understand why I’m crazy?

So, a balanced life is out of the question for me. As far as the picture I described, anyway. Those chocolate pieces of the pie are always going to be way different. So, what’s the answer? I heard a friend talking about living with MARGIN the other day, and that really got me thinking.

What is margin? When I was in school, and we wrote on things like…. paper…. it meant leaving enough room in case I needed it, for whatever reason.

(To be continued, in “Living with Margin part 2)