Youth camp Like You Haven’t Seen It

Lighthouse has started over 70 churches on the coast of Kenya. Every year we train 200 pastors and church leaders through conferences.

But a couple years ago, we got the feeling we were missing something. The youth. The ones with the energy. The ones with a passion. The ones that are unrestrained in their love for The Lord and ability to reach into all circles to bring the lost to Him.

But they weren’t staying in church. They weren’t coming to youth camp. We needed to reach out to THEM. So, we had a college team from Grace Community Church in Tyler, TX come put on a youth leadership retreat and “mock” camp to give the leaders an idea of what can be done. They were incredible. They brought the fun, the games, and the smiles back to the idea of camp.

This year, we had 261 kids come to camp, and 20 of them gave their lives to Christ. Please watch this two minute video to see how Mombasa kids do camp!!


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