Me, Homeschool? Only if I get a neon sign from God…


How many times have I laid down ultimatums before God that I DON’T do certain things, but because I am a “good” Christian, I will say that I am willing IF I get a neon sign from God saying DO IT!?!?!

First, there was marrying my husband. Just kidding.

Really, there has been one other time where I said I was not an evangelist, didn’t want to work with a certain group of people, and yet God brought a ministry into my life which was just that. Guess what? I love it.

So, homeschool. I’m trained to be a teacher. I love the school supply aisle, I love talking about the importance of education, and I’m passionate about reading books on raising children who LOVE God. However, I had a list a mile long of reasons why I should NOT teach my kids.

1. I want them to live long lives.
2. I am bad about doing anything on a day-to-day basis for longer than 2 weeks.
3. I love MY time. When school starts back in August, when Monday rolls around, when the kids get dropped off for school… I love the quiet.
4. I can’t multitask
5. I just pin things on Pinterest, I don’t actually DO them.
The list goes on…..

Basically, I’m not good enough, I’m selfish, and God knows better than to put something as important as my kids education into my hands.

Which is why He isn’t putting that into my hands. In His own perfect way, He asked ME to put MYSELF into HIS hands and see what He could do. I think this next year is going to be a “potter and clay” year. A whole lot of bending, molding, shaping, and maybe even a little breaking of my “less-than-better” characteristics.

So I can be more like the person. He created me to be. Because I was willing.

I’m excited, because I can honestly say this is God’s idea and not mine. I’m excited because the plans He has for me are to prosper me and not harm me (by the way, God’s version of prospering is not always fun but oh so good). I’m excited because I do love my kids and I’m excited to get to know them better this next year. So bring it on!;