A New Season

A major part of our life is transition. We go through seasons, 2 years here, 6 months there, packing suitcases, boxes, buying up, stocking up, running out of things, making lists for when we are in our “next” home.

We got back to Mombasa yesterday, and are unpacking. Unpacking 16 suitcases, 5 carry ons, 5 backpacks, and one Room of Doom. That’s the room where we put our “valuables” when we leave so they don’t get messed with. Things like my bread maker. My PAM spray. Chocolate chips. Seriously.

As I sorted through my kitchen cabinets this morning, I realized I can give away our sippy cups, booster chair, bibs, and baby silverware. We don’t need them anymore. A new season. A season of “big kids.” Hey, 4, 6, and 8 is BIG and I’m thrilled that the house can be a mess and I’m not worried about toddlers getting into things. I remember when we returned with a one-year-old and when we entered our home, I sat on the first step and kept my baby from going up the stairs. I literally couldn’t move till Josh barricaded the stairs. First order of business- build a baby gate (we have a weird curved staircase). This time home, first order of business- fix the water heater. I don’t do cold showers very well. 🙂

It’s a new season. And I’m excited. Because God has great things in store for this next two-year term. Some things I am hopeful about and others I can’t even anticipate. The unknown threatens to overwhelm and even allows fear to creep in some days, but I am at peace because God is in control and has a plan. So I continue to unpack and settle and wait for God to show me what’s next.