Our island getaway

Kenya just held elections, and to be on the safe side, we decided to take a trip during that time in case there was a repeat of the violence that occurred back in 2007. So far, the results have been accepted peacefully, and we are back home getting back to work. However, we had a great time with our friends who live on an island not TOO far from here.


It was a new experience covering my hair every time I went out, but I got used to it. Mostly.


Josh and Justin did their part to contribute to the “do it yourself” way of life. They caught dinner. I was very proud of my man.


The kids enjoyed being a part of dinner prep. They held the sharks, octopus, and red snapper, and eagerly watched as Justin cleaned the fish. I learned octopus ink does not easily come out of kids clothing.


The final result- sushi! Is there any other way to eat freshly caught fish? The fried red snapper was also amazing. In addition to eating fish, we got some underwater sightseeing in, as well. Josh and Justin dove to a depth of 35 meters! Matthew, Caleb and I went to a more humble depth of about 5 meters, but in water that blue, we had a great time. I cant believe how easily my boys could scuba!

We had a great time, being with our friends, riding motorcycles, playing, swimming, and grilling out on the beach,meeting their friends, staying up late playing games, and learning their way of life. Even without the conveniences of our normal life, or brewed coffee, I wasn’t quite ready to leave. 🙂