Keeping a child safe


A few days ago, Jordan took a nose-dive off a bunk bed that should have been out of reach. Minus a really purple swollen eye, he had no serious injury.


Does he look like he slowed down and learned a valuable lesson? Hardly.


Yesterday, he got out of our yard and I couldn’t find him. This gate is right outside of ours, and leads down a steep path that drops off to the ocean. Was I scared? You bet. Frantic, really. We finally found him on the other side of our mission compound, sitting in an aluminum fishing boat (not in the water.) Did he feel bad for taking years off my life with worry? Not at all.

Clearly, I can’t be too careful with him. And don’t get me wrong, I should do everything in my power to keep him safe at such a tender age. But only God is all-powerful, and God knows the number of our days. When people tell me that children always bounce back, or that they will be fine, my bristles raise a little, because I know they don’t. My brother died in an accident when he was 7. Could those watching him have done a better job? Maybe. Did God have His hands on my brother every second? You bet. God had a plan that went so far beyond our “safety first” rule. Lives were changed. Hearts were turned towards God.

As a mother, I want my children to be safe. I naturally am concerned when they are injured, sick, or missing. But I have to remember they aren’t my children. They are God’s children. And I am so thankful for each day He gives them to me to take care of them, teach them, and one day, I will have to let them go. No one said parenting was easy.